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S.I. 5 of 2002

Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary No 20, Vol. 89, 19th March 2002 - Part B

Legal Practitioners Act

Chapter 207

Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990

Legal Practitioners (Bar Practising Fees) Notice 2002



Commencement: 1st day of January 2002




In exercise of the powers conferred upon me by section 8(3) of the Legal Practitioners Act and of all other powers enabling me in that behalf, I, Kanu G. AgabiI, S.A.N., Attorney-General of the Federation, having consulted with the Bar Council, hereby issue the following Notice


1.     As from the commencement of this Notice, the practising fees payable by legal practitioners shall be as specified in the Schedule to this Notice.



Practising Fees Payable by Legal Practitioners in Nigeria



Senior Advocates of Nigeria and Honourable Benchers


Legal practitioners of 15 years or more standing post-call


Legal practitioners of 10 years or more standing but less than 15 years post-call

(d) Legal practitioners of 5 years or more standing but less than 10 years post-call N4,000

Legal practitioners of less than 5 years standing post-call




Dated at Abuja this 19th day of March 2002


Kanu G. Agabi. S.A.N,

Attorney-General of the Federation